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Think you have a pretty good design idea for a Backstage TeeShirt? Tell us about it! We'll create the shirt and give you a link so that you can buy your own Custom Design. Just fill out this form and give us all the detail you can.

Designs with graphics or special fonts will take longer to create. Remember, we're working stagehands too!

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We are discontinuing our Submit A T-Shirt contest. Starting in August 2012, Backstage TeeShirts will no longer be accepting submissions to our Shop and awarding the winning design on a free t-shirt to the winner. We will, however, continue to accept Custom Design price quotes and orders, so keep sending in those requests and we will keep making those shirts for you!

Not all shirts submitted for addition to the Backstage TeeShirt Shop for the now-ended Submit A T-Shirt contest will be added and those added may not be added right away. All Custom Design submitters will receive an email with a link to the Preview And Order Form so that you can view and purchase your Custom Design, but this does not mean your Custom Design has been accepted into our Shop at that time. You will receive a second email notifying you if your Custom Design is accepted into our Shop at a later date. In that second email, we will ask you for your shipping address, your shirt size, and a blurb about you to include in our newsletter, and only then will you receive your Custom Design Winner Free T-Shirt.

You are not obligated to purchase any requested styles using this form. We will send you a price quote and picture and you can purchase at that time using our secure shopping cart.

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